• Need a solution?

    Is your dog spayed, neutered, healthy and still marking in the house? Let Markitwear® stop territorial marking issues indoors.

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  • Protects Your Home

    Markitwear® immediately stops marking in your home, allowing you to eliminate smells and focus on your training program–especially with multiple dogs!

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  • Comfortable

    Buckles? Straps? Velcro? Not on this garment!

    Markitwear® uses breathable, lightweight stretch fabrics that help your long or short-haired dog feel comfortable playing, sleeping, and moving around while wearing it!

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    scent marking
  • Fun & Stylish

    Markitwear® comes in a variety of colors and styles!

    Its jumpsuit-like design and hand-set snap system make it easy to put on and easy to take off when it’s time to go outside.

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  • Patent-Pending Design

    Our unique three-piece design captures & contains urine while keeping your dog dry.

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    dog marking
  • Works With Sanitary Napkins

    Our soaker pad can be substituted with a disposable sanitary napkin to absorb urine. Simply insert into our liner and replace as needed.

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    removing dog urine from carpet
  • Wash, Dry & Reuse

    All components of Markitwear® are machine-washable and reusable, so you don’t have to replace anything after your dog tries to mark!

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  • Keeps Tails Happy

    Dog poop? Leave that to the diapers.

    Markitwear® doesn’t hold in feces, so we’ve ensured that the area around the tail is comfortable for your dog!

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  • Ease of Stretch

    Your dog can eat, sleep, run, and play in Markitwear®!

    Markitwear® is composed of stretch fabrics that keep it secure on your dog no matter what he or she does.

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  • Eco-friendly, Safe & Made in the USA

    Our patent-pending belly shirts are made in the USA, rewashable and reusable! Markitwear® also adjusts to your dog's dimensions using our unique snap system, ensuring a safe and comfortable fit on your dog.
    • FlashIrwin

      “I have been giving Flash Irwin, my 10-year-old rescue dog, some time to get comfortable wearing his new Markitwear® outfit. Now, he’s wearing it like a pro! I love the soft snaps and the design for the fit. He seems happier when it is on. Because of Flash’s neglectful and abusive past, he is very skittish and untrusting of new things. But he is well on his way to becoming a full-fledged Markitwear® Doggie! The garment is really soft, beautifully made, and a great fit! I cannot thank you enough for making a custom XS size for my guy! I love the garment and am very very happy with it! Thank you again for all of your help and for doing such a great thing for all of those little ‘Markers’ and their parents!”

      Jennifer, FL
    • filler

      Just got the garment yesterday evening
      and tried it on this morning.
      All I can say is – I LOVE IT!!! PERFECT!! =)
      Just wonderful!! Thank you so much!!

      Celestia – NH
    • Bailey

      “The suits are a big hit for us, especially Bailey. He actually won’t pee in the suit; he has learned to hold it in until he’s let outside since he started wearing the suit!! This from a dog that was marking every corner he could find, and as you can see they fit them perfectly!

      I want to thank you again for the wonderful customer service, as well as this quality product!! It really works to stop my puppies from having accidents in the house. I couldn’t be more pleased and look forward to ordering different colors down the road. You have a very satisfied Canadian customer & fan!”

      Denise – ON
    • filler

      “This product has been an absolute life saver. I just installed brand new hardwood floors in my house and I am confident that they will not be destroyed while my dogs are in their belly shirts.”

      Heather – FL
    • stop-scent-marking

      “We had our first test of the suit! Our dog Junior snuck off and came back looking guilty, and we found out that he had soiled his pad. The thin disposable pad got most of the urine, so I just rinsed the liner, and dried it on delicate, and put it back on him. Yay! No new pee in the house.”

      Karen – LA
    • Dog Marking

      “This shirt has been so awesome! It has totally solved our dog’s marking problems. We are so thrilled – we were considering having to crate him during the day, which we really didn’t want to have to do because he is older and has never been crated before. This was a last ditch effort and it worked! He gets super excited to put it on, too.”

      Lisa – MI
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