• Markitwear® Belly Diapers

    Is your dog marking or peeing indoors on your furniture, rugs & drapes? Protect your home from dog marking & incontinence with our patented, USA-made Belly Diapers!

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  • New, Improved Design

    Our new Markitwear® Belly Diaper is just like our old one, only with less snaps and a more lightweight, urine-absorbing liner and liner insert system that can be taken on & off your dog without removing the garment!

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  • Protects Your Home

    Markitwear® immediately stops marking in your home, allowing you to eliminate smells and focus on your training program–especially with multiple dogs!

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  • Comfortable

    Buckles? Straps? Not on this garment!

    Markitwear® uses breathable, lightweight stretch fabrics that help your long or short-haired dog feel comfortable playing, sleeping, and moving around while wearing it!

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  • Organic Dog-Friendly Fabrics

    Our new Markitwear® fabrics come in fun prints made on organic cotton fabrics with low-impact dyes. Our fabrics include ease of stretch, helping make Markitwear® secure on your dog no matter what he or she does.

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  • Patented Design

    Our unique & patented three-piece design prevents dog marking and mild-to-moderate dog incontinence indoors.

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  • Works With Sanitary Napkins

    Disposable sanitary napkins can be placed within the Liner on top of a soaker pad to absorb urine for heavier dog marking and moderate incontinence.

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    removing dog urine from carpet
  • Wash, Dry & Reuse

    All components of Markitwear® are machine-washable and reusable, so you don’t have to replace anything after your dog tries to mark!

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  • Keeps Tails & Leglifters Happy

    Markitwear® doesn’t hold in feces, so we’ve ensured that the area around the tail is comfortable for your dog. Your dog can also go to the bathroom outside without having to take the entire garment off!

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